Friday, July 1

Wot no Booker

It's outragous,
it's poor judgement,
it's not British fair play.
Since 1990, with the exception on one week in the following year, Christopher Booker has provided The Sunday Telegraph with an uninterrupted flow of columns – up until this week.
Earlier today, Booker was informed that the new editor, Sarah Sands, had decided to dispense with the column for this Sunday, as she wished to dedicate the entire paper to a "souvenir edition" to celebrate the Live 8 concert and the following G8 summit.
The idea that an outragous and ill-considered publicity stunt organised by a faded rock-star – personally responsible for the deaths or more Africans than many a dictator – should warrant such attention shall pass without comment. But readers may wish to acquaint the letters column of the newspaper with their views of Mz Sands' editorial judgement, as indeed the editor of this blog will be doing.
.As a 'protest' the 'Sunday Quote' will be a Booker clasic.

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