Wednesday, July 6

Hit by a friendly President

Shortly after his arival at Gleneagles in Scotland, US President Bush took in the Scottish air and a spot of exercise on his Presidential bicycle.
All was fine and dandy, as they say in Texas, until the President got a tad to ambitious and cycled furiously down a slope, lost control and ran over a British Policeman doing his best to protect the assembling world leaders.
The shaken and injured Special Branch Policeman was taken to hospital. A concerned Whitehouse Press aid commented that it is not the first time the President had fallen of his 'bike'.
It is not yet known whether the Police Officer is to be awarded a 'purple heart '.
Whilst it is not, sadly, uncommon for Britons to be hit by friendly US fire this is the first known case of a British Bobby to be downed by a friendly President.

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Kelly said...

While I do not know whether the Police Officer injured in the drive-by bike incident will get the purple heart, I do hope that he is okay. In fulfilling his job to protect, I am afraid that I don't think this was covered as a possible scenerio.