Sunday, July 24

Sir Ian Blair should resign

It is quite simply not acceptable for the Metropolitan Police to act like trigger happy cowboys.

Whilst any reasonable British Subject understands that every possible resource must be deployed to prevent further terrorist out rages, the Police must not act as a law unto themselves.

The demonstration of incompetence by the police during the incident which resulted in the death of the 27 year old Brazilian electrician, John Carlos Meneses is a matter of serious concern. The subsequent confusion, the handling of the statements, and the additional images in our Sunday newspapers of armed police storming the home of the victim is a disgrace.

The detail of the incident, including witness accounts reveal that other than ''emerging from a building that was under Police surveillance'' and ''his clothing adding to their suspicions" there appears to be absolutely no good reason for the killing of this innocent young man.

The horror of the terrorist bombings in London on 7 July does not justify the apparent loss of control by the Police. At this time of serious terrorist threat we need cool heads and strong leadership.

Unless facts emerge that in some way mitigate Police action in London, with this regrettable incident, Sir Ian Blair and the head of the armed SO 19 branch should resign. Expressing regret is not enough.

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Sarah-Jane Hollands said...

Do the decent thing Sir Ian and resign. You have let down the victim and his family. You have let down the people you are charged with serving. Now you are letting yourself down - go, please.