Wednesday, July 20

What a pity

The Letter below was published in The Northern Echo Tuesday 20 July

There is much talk of Sir Edward Heath's legacy. He took us into "Europe" to give us peace in our time and prosperity. Instead, we got an unelected, technocratic bureaucracy which spends its time devising more and more insane rules, of such increasing complexity that no one can even begin to understand them all.

Sir Edward wrote in his autobiography, The Course of my Life '' The bedrock of European union is the consent of the People''. What a pity the people are unable to express their consent (or not) in a referendum on the EU constitution which despite what our political masters tell us, is far from dead.

Peter Troy

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Sarah-Jane Hollands said...

Agreed. Why are we allowed to think for ourselves but not express these views? Surely not because they are frightened we might disagree with them? Perish the thought!