Wednesday, July 27

Preventive measure

At the Downing Street press conference this morning Tony Blair said ''I will not give an inch to terrorists ''
So the new law which gives ministers the power to draw up an exclusion zone banning demonstrators ''within radious of a kilometre of parliament square '' is a demonstration of forthcoming metrication rather than a preventive measure to counter terrorism.
Or perhaps it is just double thinking.


Sarah-Jane Hollands said...

How many inches did the Prime Minister give to the freed IRA terrorists, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Far too many miles !

Shelagh said...

And it is just a coincidence that the new plans to charge us for driving our vehicles on certain roads at certain times of the day will allow "someone" to know exactly where every vehicle is at every moment of the day?

Just as "someone" knows where we are when our mobile phone is switched on?

And "someone" is going to take our picture whenever we check in at an airport "so they can reduce fraud at the Duty Free shops..."?