Friday, July 8

Normality is the only responce

The death toll has risen to fifty eight yesterday and more than 700 injured as terrorists struck at the heart of London yesterday morning, causing the biggest loss of life in a terrorist attack on mainland Britain.

In a series of co-ordinated strikes, explosive devices were detonated on three underground trains and a bus travelling through central London during the morning rush hour.

It is feared by the emergency services that the death toll could rise.

Emergency services rushed to east, west and central London as the bombs went off in sequence and without warning over a 50-minute period.

The first device exploded at 8.51am on a Circle line train between Aldgate East and Liverpool Street stations. Seven people were killed.

At 8.56am a second device exploded on a train between King's Cross and Russell Square, killing twenty five people.

At 9.17am there was another blast on a train at Edgware Road station which blew a hole through a wall into another train on an adjoining platform. Two other trains were affected and seven people were killed.

At 9.47am a fourth blast blew the top off a double-decker bus in Tavistock Square, central London, killing more than a fifteen people.
As the emergency operation swung into operation, the tube and bus network was shut down and ordinary Londoners began a desperate effort to help the terrified and the injured.

The Union flag today again flys at half mast from Buckinham Palace.
A column written by Patrick Bishop, in The Daily Telegraph headed: "Remember that normality is the only civilised response to terror", is perhaps the most salient piece written today.
Mr. Bishop advances the sad but obvious thesis that yesterday proved that the security services are unable to defend the public, all along Baldwin's line that "the bomber will always get through". But he then offers the realistic and in a way uplifting observation that, "The dead will be buried, the injured will heal and life will go on," but adding the caution that: "Normality is the only civilised response to terror.''

That is something that the terrorists will never understand.
As that great Britain, Sir Winston Churchhill said in the during the blitz in 1940:
''We will never surender''


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Anonymous said...

I send out my sincere sympathies and empathy to the victims and their families over the bombings that occurred in London yesterday. BUT along with that I would also like to send out my congratulations on the way that the British people and the Londoner's most especially responded to this incident. I was amazed and proud that those who were only "slightly" injured or who were nearby were quickly able to respond and help those who were not able to help themselves. As I watched the coverage on the news, here in the states, I was most impressed with the TOTAL response not only of those in the area'a affected but also of the country as a whole. In my attempt to make sure that friends and family of mine were also safe, I continued to watch as people who were asked to go back to their homes simply started walking out of the city, as no buses or trains were running. I saw pictures on our news of the fact that even some of the walking wounded were helping others also. Your emergency crews, abulance personnel, police, fire and safety, and well just everyone seemed to work in an orderly concentrated effort to minimize the damage, locate any information about those involved and get things reestablished so that normality could be restored. Here in the states, our response was to be shocked, outraged, and to try to help as each of us could. Please know that we a