Tuesday, July 5

Of Haggis and Hamburgers

The French president, as has been well reported, apparently fired a broadside at traditional British cuisine by joking:
"The only thing the British have given to European farming is mad cow disease." He added: "You can't trust people who cook as badly as that. Apart from Finland, [Britain] is the country where you eat the worst."
When Putin objected to Chirac's suggestion that British cuisine was the lowest of the low, asking, "What about hamburgers?", L'Escroc replied: "No, no, hamburgers are nothing [by comparison].
"This, of course, is from the country that brought us JCB disease, the French equivalent of BSE, named after the eponymous digger when the French quietly buried the carcasses of affected cattle while denying that any had been stricken.
Not content with being utterly rude about British cooking, Chirac also attributed France's differences with Nato began after its Scottish former secretary general Lord Robertson offered him a local Scottish speciality, believed to be haggis.
In making these "private" jokes, Chirac seems to have known exactly what he was doing, and they appear to have been intended for a wider audience. French journalists said he knew that microphones were lurking nearby.
The British government, however, has retained a stiff upper lip, a spokesman stating that,
"There are some things better not commented on."

Indeed so, we are after all British, what.

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Kelly said...

I realize that Chirac feels that his opinion is to be taked as gospel no matter what the subject, but in this case he should stop looking down his nose at those around him. One day someone might just be more than tempted to take at shot at him.

I as an American choose to comment on behalf of the British cuisine, I think it is great! I love pub food especially. Now my haggis eating is nill but then again I have had Menudo, which is a Mexican dish made with tripe, and ham hocks and greens which is a southern speciality. Chirac always plays to the press and they eat it up. For once, i think they should put his words exactly where they need to be left, until he actually knows what he is talking about, and that is in the "round" file. Or for those who are french and don't understand that term, in the trash bin!