Thursday, July 7

Terrorist Attack London

Our heartfelt condolences to the victims and their families affected by the barbarous incident in London.
The perpetuaters of the attack are wicked and evil people.
Now is not the time to make political points, but there will undoubtedly be issues which emerge in the aftermath.


Anonymous said...

I think Chirac & his security ervices are to blame for the attack in London. The whole month has seen Chirac humiliated on many fronts, be humiliated at the G8 meeting after losing the Olympic Bid would have been the nail in his coffin. Blair was on the crest of a wave & I personally believe Chirac intended to shoot him down

Anonymous said...

cont'd,..Strange how every other Al Queda bomb has been always been over 40 Kilo's in weight. The Madrid bombing were explosives of 40-66 kilos. Likewise the US Embassey bombings etc,..
The London bomb was just a mini tiddler. Not the hall-marks of Al Queda in my view at all. As they always have really huge dramitic explosions reducing bus's to blackened charred wrecks of thousands of pieces.
I believe it was to spoil the party atmosphere & cause politacal mischief,..while Chirac leaves the UK gloating