Saturday, June 17

Diana RIP

Regular reader Louloubelle writes:
Once again the Daily Mail (Saturday 17 June) give a two page spread to conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Diane, Princess of Wales. For goodness sake when will the press let the women Rest in Peace?
All credibility for this diatribe went out of the window with the statement that a plane had been on standby for the Prime Minister all weekend – of course there was a plane on standby, there always is a plane on when the PM is away from London; even the thickest of trainee reporters should know that.

This constant dragging up of conspiracy theories will not bring back a mother to her sons. All it does is make a profit for newspapers and feed the ghoulish sentimentality of a section of the tabloid readership.

Let her Rest in Peace.

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Sarah Hopperty said...

Quite right Louloubell, well written and well commented. Diana's death was a tragedy to perpetuate conspiracy theories is a travesty of journalism.

Does anyone else agree ?