Wednesday, June 7

Evening All

Britain is a much changed country since Station Sargeant Dixon (Jack Warner) of Dixon of Dock Green graced our (black and white) television screens on a Saturday evening.
Real life Sir Ian Blair (that's Plod Blair) the embattled Metropolitan Police Commissioner informed the media when giving the Dimbleby lecture this year that there needs to be a debate on the future of Policing in the UK. That is the only statement that Plod Bair has uttered that we on this blog agree with.
The power of the internet and bolgs in particular as a tool in political campaigning should not these days be underestimated.

Bolgs are easy to set up and manage. The only cost being time. Interepid blogger John Page has teamed up with Peter Troy the editor of this glorious blog to establish: No to Police Mergers. Please click
The site will deliver up to date comment and news and more than a few ideas on policing in the UK with specific reference to the governments plans to regionalise the Police service in England and Wales.

When some of us wonder did the Police in Britain change from a Force change into a Service ?

Answers please on

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