Wednesday, June 7

Hole in One ?

The game of Golf, founded originally in Scotland, I was once informed by a former International England Ladies Team Captain must be played seriously if one is to be sussesful. Well she should know she was (and I am sure still is) a top player.
A Russian golfing enthusiast and cosmonaut is taking his sport very seriously indeed. Mikhail Tyurin is planning to drive a golf ball two billion miles into space useing a specially manufactured gold plated six iron from a tee attached to a platform on the International Space Station.

Apparantly according to scientists the golf ball will circle the earth for up to four years before entering the earth's atmospher. One wonders what the chances are of a hole in one or a hole in ones car roof ?

Yes indeed, a very English cricket ball landed (hit from the crease not from space) on Sophie's roof last summer while her owner was watching a very traditional game of cricket (from the local pub).

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