Wednesday, June 21

A football free region

Stephan Barbarino is a theatre director from Munich. Last week this German gentleman launch an initiative called "Football-Free Zone" with publisher Karl-Heinz Schwaiger.
Their website comes to the rescue of accidental World Cup tourists who just happen to be in Germany during the Football World Cup event. The excellent site points to the joys of German cuisine and art as well as Bavaria's many castles and lakes under a logo of a no-parking sign posted over a black and white ball.
"It is an alternative to the overwhelming hype that the World Cup has become," Heir Barbarino said."There are enough people out there who do not want to spend 24 hours a day sitting in front of a giant screen watching football."
The tourism authorities in Brandenburg state in the former communist East region surrounding Berlin, is trying to turn the economic misfortune of not hosting a single World Cup match - though Ukraine's national side will be based here - into a marketing strategy aimed at people who want to get away from it all.
"Are you ready for a football-free region?" a brochure at their offices enquires.
In the meantime the editor of this blog whose intrest (and understanding) of footbal is minimal is trying to understand the meaning of England's team manager - who is a Sweed - reported remarks (by Reuters ) at the end of Tuesday evenings game against Sweeden:
''We did well in the first half but then Sweden did better in the second half and they scored from two set pieces. Of course, we have to do better because we cannot concede goals like that."

Is a translation (and explination) available ? Answers in the comments box please.

In the meantime, anyone for a spot of Cricket ?


Fiona said...

How utterly insane. I am not a big lover of football, but football isn't on 24/7 *365 days a year*. Neither has any country (as far as I know) passed a law stating - "Thou wilt have your widescreen TV tuned into football and play it at no less than n decibels and wilt drink copious amounts of lager and eateth peanuts whilst placed in front of said device". Its easy to avoid it, you don't need a special zone FGS. You just stay at home (or the hotel) and watch something else, or go to the beach where no-one else will be and stare at the waves. If someone is going to Germany and are not WC fans, are these guys concerned that the tourists are so thick that they will think in future 'I'm not going to Germany, all they talk about and do is football'? Yeesh. Talk about spoonfeeding.

Sven has to say something to ensure that the media understands that he is still serious about his job even though he's leaving it. Any amount of silly comments come out of football pundits, particularly football managers.

lady from middx said...

l'm now hopeing that since were now it the quarter final for the 9th time that peter will be abit more enthusiastic about the game and if we get to the final would be nice to hope that the whole of the country gets behind our boys. its also true what the other lady said no one is forced to watch theres a tiny button on the telly or remote control thats normal
sayes OFF or switch channels