Friday, June 9

The end of week quote

'' Why is there only one ball for 22 players ? If you gave a ball to each of them, they'd stop fighting for it ''

An annonymous quote publised in The Daily Telegraph, 28 December. Sporting Quotes of the year.


Stewed Cabbage said...

Are we to assume that you are less than enthusiastic about the Wrold Cup, Mr Troy ?

Peter Troy said...

Your assuption, Mr Cabbage, is correct !

The last game of football that I watched from begining to end was the 1966 World Cup, which I later regretted. The damn match has been repeated so often over the past 40 years I could have watched any one of the repeats.

I do wish our English National Team every success; I just wish there was a tad less fuss about the whole affair

Anonymous said...

For once you and I are in complete agreement Peter. There is more to life than football and I dread the next few weeks where it gets thrown at you from every direction as though you are in the wrong for not wanting it.
Surprised you had no comment about the idiot police chief in Wales and his comments about flying the flag of St George whilst driving in Wales.
Keep the flags in place after the competition is over even if the team loose. Get a bit of pride back into being English I say.

LouLoubelle said...

I have no objection to anyone particpating in a 'sport' but to have it continually rammed down my throat from TV to the supermarket I find offensive. Might feel slightly more sympathetic if is was a game played with the right shaped ball!

lady from middx said...

we can never win, were told support our country and our boys so we go for it all full on and then there are some people who just love to moan so to those people l'm sorry l'm very proud to be flying the flag and supporting our boys cos u tell me what makes more people come together as a country no matter what colour creed or nationalty than all l can say is COME ON ENGLAND

Anonymous said...

Lady from Middx
Why does it take a football match for you to fly the flag? Do it ALL the time.
I can't stand the game but I tolerate it because it brings so much pleasure to others.
Why do you call me a moaner? I really couldn't care less whether they win or loose. My objection is people like you calling me names because I've no time for the game.
I fly the flag because I'm still proud to be English and I devote my time to more worthy concerns.
Get a life? I'm afraid that many supporters need to!

Peter Troy said...

Anonymous, thank you for your comments - I am pleased that we have established some common ground.

Regarding stupid comments from senior police officers there are so many to select it is difficut to know which ones not to take issue with; there is only a limited amount of time.

My general thunder regarding adverse comments fregading flying our national flags was resevered for the prats who in the name of health and safty discourage enjoyable dispays of patriotic fever.