Thursday, June 22

The safety and security of our troops

According to the official MoD website, as at 28 May 2006, a total of 113 British Forces personnel have died, or are missing presumed dead, while serving on Operation TELIC since the start of the campaign in March 2003. Of these, 84 are classed as killed in action, including as a result of hostile action. View full article here
The wheels on the truck go round and round… Following Dr North's post on Sunday on the story – if at all possible – gets murkier and murkier. View full article here
According to the Rt Hon Adam Ingram MP, minister of state for defence, “we take all measures possible to ensure the safety and security of our troops deployed in Iraq”. This is in response to an MP who had passed on a constituent’s letter expressing concern about “the safety of so-called armoured Land Rovers”. View full article here
We have found some remarkable MoD photographs of the despatch from Belfast of the “Snatch” Land Rovers and their arrival in Umm Qasar on October 2003. View full article here

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