Saturday, June 24

Direct hit

Desmond Browne MP
British troops in Basra were distinctly underwhelmed by Defence Secretary The Rt Hon Desmond Browne MP on his inaugural visit last month to troops in Basra, Iraq. "Smug, sleek and fat - and every inch a New Labour apparatchick" one of them informed the magazine Private Eye.
The hero of the secetary of state's visit, however, was a young squaddie who, while Browne was meeting and greeting, asked what he knew of the military. "Not much," the minister admitted, "but what do you know about politics?" "Well sir," said the soldier, "I can lie well".


Stewed Cabbage said...

Nice one

Kelly said...

Someone should find out the squaddies name and put them on your ballots for the Defence Secretary's position. (Sorry to be so ignorant of your procedures for elections) If he/she can lie well, then that is one up on the job. These days most politicians can't even do that! And besides the squaddie is probably over qualified anyway. He/She knows the military.