Wednesday, June 7

Hague the Vague

The good old The Sun goes for the the jugular today.
Like millions of others I woke up this morning to the Yorkshire tones of The Rt. Hon. William Hague MP on the Today Programme. Naughtie had him well skewered on the question of his ''EUreform" agenda, pointing out that it would require the scrapping of the Treaty of Rome.
The shadow foreign secretary was vague about the details but did not disagree, enabling the BBC website to pronounce, "Mr Hague says he is not ruling out rewriting the Treaty of Rome".
The chances of that happening, of course, are precisely nil. One need not go through the laborious process in detail, however for a treaty change, there would have to the prolonged process of an intergovernmental conference, with unanimous agreement of a new draft treaty by the leaders of all 25 member states (soon to be 27), followed by unanimous ratification.

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Charles Stuart from Scotland said...

Is this a mark two version of 'in Europe but not ruled by Europe' ? If it is the Tory party has learnt nothing since 2000. Deep desperandum as Mr Troy often says.