Saturday, June 10

Happy Birthday, Sir

Today is the 85 Birthday of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.
His Royal Highness will mark is birthday privatly at Windsor Castle today. On Thursday the Duke will join the Queen at St Paul's Cathedral for a thanks giving service for Her Majesty's official 80th bithtday, before the Massed Bands of the Royal Maries beat the retreat on Horse Guards Parade in his honour.


Sarah Hopperty said...

Three cheers for the Duke - A very British Prince

Anonymous said...

A great man and almost as British as they come, Sarah, He's Greek.

Sarah Hoperty said...

Well yes of Greek origin. Though very much a British Subject; thus a very British Prince.

lady from middx said...

happy birthday to a Royal Prince who is a fine member of the royal family as long as he doesnt open his mouth and make any comments about anyone or anything

Peter Troy said...

On the many occasions Prince Philip has made comments they have been well informed (he is particularly well briefed) and often humorous.

His influnce on the Monarchy during times of Royal crises has provided much needed worldly wisdom.

It is indeed a great pity that HRH has not made more comment on the erosion (over the past 30 years)of HM Government's abilty to actually govern the realm.

Your comments are welcome 'Lady from Middlesex' all be it (if we had our way) from inside HM Tower !