Monday, June 12

The week behind

Last week was indeed a topsy-turvey world in British politics.

The Tory Party leader once a scourge of bureaucracy praised the public sector to the skies and abandoned his party's belief in the small state. David Cameron repositioned his party firmly at the heart of Europe, in company with the Federation of Small Businesses. who declared that they are now working in 'co-operation and partnership' (opposite to their members wishes) with the European Union.

Sir Ming Campbell leader of the only party that has always actually boasted of wanting higher taxes suddenly announced Lib Dem plans for a £20 billion cut in income tax.

Amazingly Messers Blair and Brown who have bloated the numbers and wages of state workers talked of 'difficult reforms' and pay freezes in the public sector following nine years of massive expansion public spending.

Perhaps they may well all do a U turn this week ? In the Alice in Wonderland world of British politics anything is possible.

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