Monday, September 12

£ 4.91 per gallon - is this a record ?

As seen in Brighton, East Sussex, on Friday 9th September, 2005 - petrol costing 107.9 pence per litre!
That is a massive £4.91 per gallon, in round numbers.
Can you top that? We will require photographic evidence (a bank statement detailling your overdraft following a fill-up will suffice).
Sorry to say there is no prize, but you will indeed receive our deepest sympathies!
The Editorial Team.


Kelly said...

I am sorry to say that I can't top your picture or prices. Here in the state of Oklahoma we are paying $2.799 per gallon and complaining loudly. But then our gas prices have risen by over a dollar in the past year and yours has only risen by about 50 pence, I think. But we are in the same boat in that we are voting on a higher tax to repair our roads and bridges. One of the oldest in this state was built in about 1839. I know that you have bridges hundreds of years older but for us lol this is old. WE are being told that if we vote this tax that ALL of these bridges and roads will be repaired. This tax will raise $150 million dollars this year alone. Excuse me but that seems like a lot to do road repairs that come under the purvue of the tax we already have in place on gasoline, and other items besides that one item. I have a question. Would gasoline prices go down if we didn't import our gasoline and then Europe and Asia could buy their oil from OPEC and we could use our own oil instead of exporting it. This would lessen the cost right? well, It was just a thought.

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