Friday, September 30

Better ignored than ejected

The final day of the Labour conference has seen defeats for the Labour Party leadership on council housing and NHS reform.

Earlier in the week, delegates at the Labour Party Confrence inflicted defeats on allowing secondary strike action and increasing pensions in line with earnings.

On Thursday it was announced that a Unison motion calling for a halt on the expansion of private sector involvement in the NHS was overwhelmingly passed.

It was backed by 71.09 per cent to 28.91 per cent, while a rival motion backing the government was rejected by 70.35 per cent to 29.65 per cent.

On council housing, delegates voted for a motion that sought to ensure that funds available for the government's policy of social housing transfers were also available for direct investment in council housing.

A similar motion was also passed at last year's conference but ignored by the government.
Communities minister David Miliband ( known to some of us as 'laggyband' because of his abilities to stretch a point) told delegates the policy would mean "less for new build or fewer people helped".

"We just can't do that," added Miliband.
Well that is a clear example of democracy in action in the Labour Party, ignoring the delegates is much nicer than slinging them out into the street when they voice their off message views!
Left, Cabinet Office Minister David Miliband

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