Thursday, September 8

Troy Talks - hear him live!

By Sarah-Jane Hollands.

This coming sunday, 11, September 2005, there is an unmissable opportunity to hear Peter Troy, editor of this blog speaking live on BBC Radio Cleveland.

The programme runs from 11.00am until 1.00pm and as well as being broadcast on 95fm in the North East of England, it is available globally via the wonders of the web on:

and click on the LISTEN LIVE button.

There you will hear the irascible Mr Troy holding forth in his inimitable and uncompromising way on such subjects as the bribery of the business community by the true government of this country, police roadside tax cameras, the effectiveness of business pressure groups, 9/11 and much, much more.

Regular readers will be familiar with Peter Troy's often controversial, always entertaining views - no doubt the presenters and listeners alike are in for a challenging, thought provoking couple of hours.
Tune in to hear Troy's up-to-the-minute opinions on events in New Orleans, the 'bra wars' debacle and all the current breaking news, this sunday at 11.00am.
A very British subject, discussing and debating in a lively, irrepressible manner - it promises to be entertaining, informative and of course, very British indeed!
Peter Troy interviews BBC Radio Cleveland competition winner, Janet Morris from Thornaby before she climes aboard the Cleveland Flying School aircraft for an hours flight over the North East of England.
Photo courtesy of Neil Davis
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