Saturday, September 10

Pints to be abolished

A traditional pint jug
The letter below was published in The Northern Echo - Friday 9 September
Pressure is mounting on Britain to join the EU in using only metric measures, and abolish the mile, pint and acre in favour of kilometres, litres and hectares.
The UK Government has recently been reminded by the European Commission of its legal requirements to set a date to convert into metric measures with the rest of Europe.
We may not be able to order a pint of beer. The British Government has now passed a law saying even the mention of imperial measurements - pounds and ounces - will be illegal by 2009. The British Government of the day in 1979 promised to introduce metric measurements but was given a "derogation" allowing it to delay implementation of some of the changes.
The EU commission regard the country's failure to propose a deadline is viewed as a breach of the spirit of its commitments, which of course means that we must all be forced to comply !
Peter Troy, Sedgefield


Anonymous said...

Tom Green
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Kelly said...

Well, now you will be even more confused about things. In the states you buy your Cola's by the liter and your gasoline (petrol) by the gallon. We are split in half with some things being metric and others being imperial. We were told that the US were going to voluntarily change to total metric during my school days. (last year i think?! maybe not) Anyway, don't worry to much about your bosses telling that you have to change asap. You will soon get used to it. After all, others live under a regime where ALL aspects of their life is dictated to them, so why not the British for once in their history?? Gosh what a thought!