Tuesday, September 27

Who's counting ?

Euro-MP Alyn Smith made no fewer than eight speeches on the main platform and at the fringe meetings at the Scottish National Party (SNP) conference last Friday.

Proof that quality is no substitute for quantity was evident when he was speaking in the education debate. The MEP was well into his barnstorming speech when he realised he was reading the wrong script. He quickly and skilfully switched and not a single member of the audience even noticed.

Similarly not a single SNP activist or supporter has yet noticed that the SNP's policy (announced in May 04) of adopting the euro currency is in contradiction of their core policy of an independent Scotland, an issue that the SNP faithful were remarkably silent on at their conference in Aviemore.

The Lib-Dems meanwhile seem to have difficulty with 'the third way' as is evidenced by their election leaflet at the Cathcarte Scottish Parliament by-election. The election is being held due to the 16 month prison sentence passed on the former MSP Mike (also a Labour life Peer) Watson for setting fire to set of fine hotel curtains whilst in a state of advanced inebriation. The Lib-Dem's leaflet is headed ''Four good reasons to vote for Arthur Sanderson'' (the SNP candidate). The leaflet lists the reasons ''1, 2, 3, and 3.''. The second number three is ''energy and imagination''. Full marks for imagination anyway.


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