Tuesday, September 27

Flushing out

There is an unexpected benefit of the badly drafted, ill considered and entirely lefty Abolition of Foxhunting Bill that was passed into UK law, amid political chaos this year.

A rock musician who made a fortune with moronic 'hits' containing lyrics such as '' we don't need no education'' has decided to leave the country and live in the good old US of A.

Roger Waters, a member of the original band Pink Floyd said last week:

''I've become disenchanted with the political and philosophical atmosphere in England. It's so mealy mouthed. I'm lucky enough to have the freedom to live where I want because I've made a few quid. The anti-hunting bill was enough for me to leave England.''

During the hunting debate, many leading supporters intimated that they would consider leaving the UK. Many are now living in France where they enjoy the freedom of country sports and fine weather. Others who support the view that fox hunting is essential to country life will not be moving abroad. Perhaps the anti-hunting law will be a success after all and flush out other moronic, over-wealthy, opinionated rock 'stars' before the Act is repealed. Clearly we need education, education, education. Speaking of which, I wonder how Tony got on today with his colleagues in Brighton.


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