Monday, September 19

BBC and Katrina

According to The Business and other newspapers on Sunday Tony Blair has re-opened the government's long-standing row about BBC bias by describing the corporation's coverage of the aftermath of the havoc caused to New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina as being "full of hatred of America".
Of course, the malice harboured by the BBC towards the US, and Bush in particular, is nothing new and the “take” of the media in relation to Katrina was explored on the blog eureferendum earlier this month.
Also recomended is the account in USS Neverdock. For myself, and indeed others I know well, I'm still recovering from the shock of agreeing with the British Prime Minister for the second time in eight years.

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Kelly said...

Thank you Tony Blair! lol As an American who was in the states when Katrina hit( not only New Orleans but also Biloxi, Mississippi, and parts of Alabama and Texas), I just want to say that I also agree with Mr. Blair. The American people were getting ready BEFORE Katrina hit and also during and after she hit. Preparations were not completely what they should have been but then in light of this kind of destruction over this large of an area, when are they ever enough. lol

Sorry Peter, to have you agree with Mr. Blair twice in 8 years but when someone is right, well, they are just right.