Friday, September 2

Storm in a C Cup

The Peoples Republic of China. One of the most authoritarian and repressive State in the World, which will soon (with the aid of the G8 nations) become a vast enconomic force.
Letter Published in The Journal and The Northern Echo today.

Bra wars gets Mandleson's knickers in a right twist

For sheer chutzpah nothing can beat Trade Commissar Peter Mandelson’s latest pronouncements on the Chinese import crisis (bra wars).

It is all their fault, he cries. Whose fault precisely? Well, the member states, and the retailers and the Chinese producers and every Tom, Dick or Harry, but never the former Hartlepool MP or his new colleagues in the European Commision.
Having been persuaded against his better judgement to negotiate a deal with China, Mr Mandelson has since given the impression of not knowing which way to turn. First, he unfairly blamed retailers for ordering goods which then piled up at European ports.Then he turned his fire on the commission, of which he is a member, EU governments and China. He has given confusing signals on the probable shortfall in deliveries to European retailers, and now finds himself desperately seeking a concession from Beijing before Tony Blair leads an EU delegation to a summit there next week.

Additionally Peter Madnleson has clearly not been informed that many textile businesses in China belong, if not outright, then partially to European and British firms.

It is not a pretty sight to watch the democratic states of Europe argue protectionism against an authoritarian state. But, of course, it is not the democratic states of Europe who are doing the arguing but the entirely undemocratic, protectionist and anti-business European Union.

Peter Troy


Anonymous said...

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Serf said...

He has created a mess. If he had any understanding of the businesses that he is supposed to be governing, this would not have happened.

Typical career politician who makes backroom deals with no regard for how they effect real people.