Saturday, September 17

Tea Time With Troy

The second edition of Tea Time With Troy is due to be recorded next week. On Tuesday 20th September, at 6.30pm, Peter Troy and his guests will gather in a prestigious location in the Captain's cabin aboard the HMS Trincomalee, in Hartlepool, for a full and frank discussion.
The panel, which is to include an actress, a vicar, a former MP, a media consultant and a life coach, will be tackling the great British conversational taboos, namely, politics, religion and sex.
This is one in a series of programmes specifically commissioned for the American radio market. It will be the bringing together of like-minded, forward thinking people and we aim to capture the essential Britishness of a wide variety of subjects.
Admission is free, but by invitation or ticket only. There are a limited number of audience tickets still available and these will be issued on a strictly first come, first served basis.
For further information, please e-mail
Alternatively, telephone Sarah-Jane on 07968 257 461.
This promises to be an entertaining and enlightening evening. Expect fireworks as Peter Troy chairs a lively, no-holds-barred debate and we find out what people are really talking about!
A new angle on everyday thinking.

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Shelagh said...

American market is good - British market would be good too!

Hope this will get a British airing as well!