Monday, May 28

The Bank Holiday Quote

A spokesperson from the Patients Association commenting on the Patienline issue: "These people (NHS patients) are ill, sometimes recovering from operations, they're a captive audience. And many are elderly and may not understand what they're getting themselves into. We think this is an inappropriate way to behave in hospitals.
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Anonymous said...

As an employee of a hospital Trust in the Midlands I can tell you that the Trust Managers are contacting Patientline with concerns over the reliabilty, cost and service performance of Patientline's equipment on the wards. Well done to the BBC for broadcasting this important matter. Patients in hospital do not need the stress of faulty expensive televisions and telephones.

Anonymous said...

I was very pleased to read the above comment and to see that at last one trust is coming to its senses re Patientline in thier hospital.I would like to see more trusts taking this line. June

John Willetts said...

My interest was sparked yesterday in all of this because I got a computer voice call from PATIENTLINE to tell me my neighbour was in hospital, and did I want to ring her at the hideous call rate. I did so, only to find that a automated bimbo who has been trained to speak slowly was reading out a string of pathetic messages using up at least the first 49p before I
could be connected to the dear lady who is due for a serious op soon.

She was embarrased that I had been called in this way, I didn't ask her how she had come to give them my number poor thing.

Anonymous said...

"reading out a string of pathetic messages using up at least the first 49p before I
could be connected"
This is a beyond the control of patientline. It is a legal requirement to state the price of a premuim rate call and state the company name before any call can be connected. This is an ofcom rulling.

Peter Troy said...

It is not an OFCOM ruling that customers must be charged to listen to that message! Check your facts Mr Twiddle - or is it Twaddle !