Sunday, May 6

A New Member of the Government

Nicolas Sarkozy with an estimated 53 percent of the vote as against 47 percent for Ségolène Royal, on a huge turnout of 85.5 percent of French voters becomes the French representative on the European Council, the European Union (EU) "cabinet" that rules the United Kingdom and the other 26 nations of the EU.
Oh, yes he becomes French president as well! Meanwhile, his ministers (mostly unelected) will take their places in the Council of Ministers, dictating the majority of laws by which we here in Britain are bound.
Very soon, we get Gordon Brown as (a truley socialist) Prime Minister, and he too will be a fully paid-up member of the European Council which is bound to upset President Sarkozy (a right wing man of action) since Brown will have a role in making French law - amazing but true.

To explain:

Seventy per cent of our new laws in the UK are actually made in the European Union. Most of the important Directives are decided in the Council of Ministers and/or The European Council (not to be confused with the Council of Europe which meets in Strasburg but is not a part of the European Union)

The Directives of the Council of Ministers and the European Council are implemented into English and Scottish law via secondary legislation in the House of Commons by a committee compising of a few members of Parliament who can not reject the new laws. (European Communities Act 1972 section 2 parr 2).

Unbeknown to most Subjects of the Crown such Directives (and some regulations) of the EU become the law of the land without any debate in Parliament. Thus Nicolas Sarkozy is an important part of the law making process of the United Kingdom; a fact that all but a small number of people (including journalists) are quite oblivious of.

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