Saturday, May 5

Her Majesty in the US of A

Curtsies are not obligatory. Neither are bows for men but leave the "I'm with Stupid" T-shirt at home. That is the advice given by the US Government.
official visit's website offers advice (apparently after popular demand) on its homepage about the proper etiquette when addressing the Queen on her tour of the US. As the Queen arrived in the USA last week on her first visit in 16 years, officials in Virginia and the US media were busily dispensing advice on royal etiquette. Indeed curtsies and bows are not obligatory for non British Subjects; but it would be terrably bad form not to do so if one were a British or Commonwealth Subject.
Her Majesty's tour itinerary is on the monarchy's website, planned engagements for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh include: a reception on USS Wisconsin, laying a wreath at the WW2 Memorial, visiting NASA's Goddard Flight Centre, attending the Kentucky Derby, an investiture at the Ambassador's Residence, and speeches at the White House followed by a private lunch. It all sounds very jolly and we on this blog trust that our 'special friends' accross the pond enjoy the company of Her Majesty in their 'land of the free'.


Anonymous said...

Nice one Peter.

However I think you will find that the queen will be laying a "wreath" and not a "reef".!
An easy mistake to make if you are dyslexic!

Peter Troy said...

Whoops many thanks June - it error has now been corrected. Which is quite a relief!

Anonymous said...

Her majesty is a very welcome guest to our country. wilma