Saturday, May 12

Patientline In the News Again

The Daily Mail today return to the Patientline charging issue. The Editor will post a detailed article later in the day, if his phone stops 'ringing' for long enough.
In the meantime Daniel Martin's (an excellent journalist) piece and other comments can be read below by clicking below:
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Sarah Hopperty said...

If Patienline is intending on getting it self a bad name and going out of businesses it could not be making a better job of it.

How much are Patienline's top people being paid to make such a mess of a business that is there to help sick people ?

Tom Harker said...

Patientline is indeed a very bitter pill to swollow when you are ill in Hospital. I spent over £50 in one week calling my family that live only a few miles away. My elderly Mother spent more than she could afford - it is all very upsetting.

Anonymous said...

My father was extreemly sick in hospital and I had no way of visiting him because I was over 200 miles away, fortunately going through the patientline system I was actually able to speak to him direct in stead of getting a generic response from the nursing staff. How much would I have paid for this service?... priceless

Peter Troy said...

Perhaps Anonymouse should get a job with Patientline, or perhaps he or she already has one.

I agree that the concept is a good one but there is no reason why Patientline should charge high tariffs. The issue is cost.