Sunday, May 6

Wright is Wrong for the FSB

Rumours abound amongst members of the UK's largest member based business organisation, The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), that their newly elected National Chairman, John Wright, will be 'persuaded' to stand down after only one year in office. Mr Wright was elected in March by a postal ballot of the Federation's members for a three year term.

There is disquiet amongst some senior members not only about what Wright included but also left out of his election address. There is controversy over the understanding of his repeated claims to have been a 'Lawyer'; a Solicitor, Barrister or Qualified Legal Executive, it can be proved that Mr Wright most defiantly was not.

There is also the revelation that the new FSB leader was for most of his working life a Public Servant (28 years with Cleveland County Council) and Trade Union Official with the anti-business NALGO; facts that Mr Wright decided not to trouble his fellow members with.
As FSB members have now been informed (mostly by the editor of the Blog) John Wright was for many years an active member of NALGO's NEC; hardly the acts of a man that claims to have ''his roots firmly in small businesses''.


David said...

A member of the FSB writes:

How can a Trade Unionist have his roots firmly in small businesses ? AS a member of the FSB I am very concerned that Mr Wright did not give full and propper details of his past when he was standing for election as National Chairman of the Federation.

Sarah Hopperty said...

The FSB isd an organistion that fights for small businesses. It is transparent, well informed and committed to the freedom to do business. If its new Chairman has not been open in his election address to his members then he must resign.

An FSB Member said...

Only very few will know the candidates personally in the FSB election. Thus the election address that accompanied the postal voting papers is the only method of members knowing the background of the candidates. John Wright did not mention in his election address that he spent 28 years as an employee of Cleveland County Council and was a member of the NEC of NALGO.