Friday, May 11

The End Of Week Quote

''This is a blessed nation. The country is a blessed nation. The British are special, the world knows it, in our inner most thoughts, we know it. This is the greatest nation on Earth. It has been an honour to serve it. ''

The Right Honourable Anthony Charles Linton Blair MP, PC The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom speaking to Labour Party activists and the world's press at Trimdon Labour Party Cub Thursday 10 May 2007.

Well this blog cannot disagree, in fact we have be expressing the same sentiment since this site was established in June 2004. All we now need is our country back, back from the rule of the European Union (EU). Mr Blair's much discussed legacy is, in part, that considerable political power was given to the EU during the past ten years; an issue unrecognised by the BBC.

From here on now it can still get worse as we will, with honour, continue to point out.


Anonymous said...

But! cheerup Mr Troy, where is your faith? Did Gordon Brown not say on Friday, and I quote "His government would be a servant of the state", so If enough of the people want out of the EU, ( which from what I have heard they do)then we all have cause to celebrate, as it should not be long now before Gordon's in charge. He will be hearing the people and we will be out of the EU in the very near future.

Having just looked out of my window, I see the pigs are flying today.

Sarah Hopperty said...

Oh more of the Great Deception - what will North and Booker have to say about that ?