Sunday, May 6

Important - The End of Great Britain is Nye

Tony Blair intends to use his remaining weeks in office to surrender British powers to Brussels as part of his drive for a European "legacy". That is a claim not from euro realists (such as the Editor of this Blog) but from senior Whitehall officials.
The detail can be found in the The Sunday Telegraph today (front page no less) citing "leading civil servants" who fear the Prime Minister will effectively bind the hands of Gordon Brown by signing Britain up to a rewritten version of the EU Constitution (please note that the promised referendum will not be held) days before he finally resigns at the end of June.
Read important detail here.


Anonymous said...

Having read your posting on Mr Blairs departure, also knowing absolutle nothing about politics, I find myself shivering at the prospect of what Tony Blair will sign us up too.

Can you tell me, Do we have any damage limitation plans that can be put in action, for events like this?

Or is there a law that can stop this from happening?

Peter Troy said...

The problem goes back to when we first joined 'Europe' back in 1973. It has all been a very great deception. The only solution is for the UK to leave the EU. Since this is not going to happen in the sort term the best plan is to educate people to the political actuality of our times - which is the function of this (and other) blogs.

The solution is for the British people to vote only for candidates to Westminster that will fight to repeal the European Comunities Act of 1972 - and thus set in train the process to leave the European Union. It is the only solution, hence the reason that I for so many years was an activist with UKIP.

In short when the British people will (demand) that Parliament takes us out of the EU and restores our democtracy to the control of the people we will then have our country back.

Laws are made by Parliament at the will of the people - when the people understand how very deceptive our politicians have been over the past 35 years then and only then will the law be passed in Parliament to "stop this from happening".

Thus the only solution is the will of the people - who elect politicians to make the laws of the land.