Saturday, May 19

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Pledging to regain the trust of Britain, Gordon Brown has accepted his nomination to become The Labour Party leader and The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The Chancellor was nominated by 313 Labour MPs, making him the only candidate and Britain's prime minister-in-waiting. Mr Brown will now meet with civil service chiefs to discuss plans for a Whitehall shake-up. The Times reports that Mr Brown will spend the next six weeks meeting voters on a nationwide tour. (He may well meet John Wright who was controversially elected leader of the small business community in March following non-disclosuer of his trade union past - Wright is on a political style 100 day tour of members of the Federation of Small Businesses)

Meanwhile, The Guardian uses its front page to outline the differences between Brown and Tony Blair. Under the headline "Britain's two prime ministers", the newspaper looks at Brown's foreign policy pledges and contrasts these with Blair's visit to Washington.

The Independent carries a front page commentary from Steve Richards on what he describes as a "bloodless victory and a triumph of political will".

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