Wednesday, May 30

Hitting the Nail on the Head

A superb article by Chris Dillow in The Times this morning hits the nail on the head and asks, not entirely rhetorically: "We put up with terrible, inept government. Why?
"Subtitled, "How Whitehall can learn from Tesco and John Lewis", he rails against general government incompetence and the simplistic solution – putting different backsides on Cabinet chairs. Well every littele would help!
"Policy failures," Dillow writes, "aren't due to having the wrong personnel in charge. Nor are they exceptions to the rule of general competence. They are the inevitable result of bad organisational structure."Dillow then goes on to tell us that one reason why big organisations become inefficient is communication failure:

Subordinates have lots of reasons not to tell bosses the truth. They don't want to burden "busy" people with detail, or rock the boat, or be victim of "shoot the messenger" syndrome. The upshot of this was famously described by the late Kenneth Boulding: "The larger and more authoritarian the organisation, the better the chance that its top decision-makers will be operating in purely imaginary worlds."

Indeed so. The full article is well worth the read.


Anonymous said...

every comment posted on these blog sites regarding pateintline that differs in opinion to peter troy is removed. thats how pathetic he is. scared of the facts and of debate.

valerie Tibbles said...

Really anonymous? so why does he put his name to where his mouth is and you do not?

That does not strike me as being scared and pathetic.

But the fact that you never put your name to where your mouth is. Now that tells me, you are the very thing, that you are accusing Peter Troy of being.

Have you never heard of the adge.

People who live in glass houses,really shouldn't throw stones.

Peter Troy said...

I am not afraid of facts nor of debate anonymous. If you knew me well you would be well aware of that.

You Mrs Anonymous are I now know to be Mrs Lynn Peters the Patientline Deputy Manager at North Tees Hospital in Stockton. I will address you directly. You have left over 60 postings on this Blog all of which have enabled me to trace your IP footprint. Your postings, with the exception of the one above have been deleted in your own interests because they are libellous.

Amazingly Patientline's management have not yet, fully, appreciated the extent to which you have bullied your staff and indeed delivered a constant hard line low quality service to patients (and yes I can provide detailed statements to support that comment). Thanks to two courageous members of staff from James Cook Hospital who made detailed complaints about your bullying management style, Patienline becoming aware of your truly inappropriate management style..

Lynn, I shall continue to campaign for a better deal for patients from Patientline. If you continue to make inaccurate comments about myself you and Patientline will be served with legal proceedings.

Peter Troy