Sunday, May 27

No Three Cheers for HIPs

We are told by The Sunday Telegraph today that senior government officials are secretly planning to kill off the crisis-ridden Home Information Packs (HIPs).

From 1 June - Friday - anyone selling a property will be expected to provide a home information pack to any would-be buyers. However, the not so cool hips are surrounded by controversy and confusion.The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is seeking a judicial review for what it sees as the '''failure of ministers'' to carry out a proper consultation in relation to the HIP legislation.

The only part of the accident-prone scheme expected to survive the cull, is the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), a document detailing a property's energy efficiency.The reason
why that is which The Daily Telegraph doesn't tell us is because of EU Law, which we must comply with.
.See also > Christopher Booker on HIPS


Keira Gibson-Thomas said...

I am a bit confused, After reading your blog on hips and Christoper Booker's article.

I was under the impression that not only do we have our own nuclear waste, but we import others countries nuclear waste to dispose off, in this country as well?

I quote according to Christopher Booker:

" waste is no problem: all the high-level waste produced by Britain's nuclear power stations since 1956 would scarcely fill two London buses."

Maybe our waste will fill two buses , but what about all the other nuclear waste that is coming into the country? How many buses will that fill?

How can all that waste scarcely fill two london buses. Or did Christopher Booker have the big New Bendy London buses in mind when he wrote that article???

He states about high-level waste only.

What about the medium and low level waste, where does that go?

Peter Troy said...

Christopher Booker would only be thinking of the traditional London Routemaster Bus!