Wednesday, May 16

Patientline Petition

This week sees the nationwide launch of petition to the Government calling for a reduction in the cost of bedside TV and telephone calls in a hundred and fifty hospitals through Britain.
Apparently Patientline is less than happy about this Petition and we are receiving reports of Patientline Staff removing part completed petitions (on instructions from senior staff) from Nursing Staff's workstations on hospital wards. We on this blog are at a loss to understand why Patienline management are so concerned about the paper petition. After all the Company has been locked in talks with the Department of Health for over a year to obtain government funding to do just what those that have signed the petition are demanding, lower priced telephone calls and TV viewing.

Meanwhile the debate about Patientline's operation in the Nation's hospitals steps up a gear with blog editor Peter Troy giving his reasons to BBC Journalists as to why he quit his contract with Patientline in response to their much discredited pricing policy and why the only solution to the increasing dissent with Patientline is political intervention.

Readers requesting a copy of the Patients In Need Petition should email

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