Thursday, May 10

The Elephant at the Labour Club

From the Editor's notebook (and mobile)
It was inevitable that, today, the news agenda would be dominated by Tony Blair's resignation announcement, the day of his departure as Prime Minister now set for 27 June. But, showman to the last, standing in front of an adoring audience in Trimdon Labour Club, he declared, "I did what I thought was right".
It was perhaps with a warped sense of curiosity but I actually drove the few miles from my cottage in Sedgefield to witness the international media circus that had gathered on the sunny but windy green for Blair's 'historical event' outside the Trimdon Labour Club. What was clearly invisible to the gathering of journalists, protestors and massed plods was our friend the elephant who had escaped from the often mentioned proverbial room.
Amongst all the comments and Labour Party Propaganda there was no mention of the European Union - it was as if Blair (and the UK) had no involvement . This absence of a mention of our real government was in keeping with Andrew Marr's assessment of Blair's ten years at Number 10 which the Beeb is bunging out this evening at every oppertunity. I did consider making some comment to some of the journalists today but it was a very windy day; there was no point and it could have been somewhat embarrassing.
Dr Richard North comments on Pajamas Media


Anonymous said...

Well done in spotting the elephant which many including Andrew Marr have missed--he,s been at it again on Tv this morning by the way.
Gordon Brown may do well to realise that big brother{or the Eu} will be looking over his shoulder unless he gives him the push.

Sarah Hopperty said...

Is this the same as Elephant as the Northern Echo's Elephant