Sunday, October 30

Born this day

Some very special beings were born on this day in history - Ezra Pound (1885), Charles Atlas (1893), Michael Winner (1935), Henry Winkler (1945), Juliet Stephenson (1956), Diego Maradona (1960) and last but by no means least, a very important, distinguished member of the veryBritishsubjects team, Hector (pictured above), our special researcher who was born 15 years ago.
Fifteen cat years is around seventy in human terms, therefore Hector is the feline equivalent of Michael Winner, but is infinitely more attractive. Hector's footwork is no doubt fancier than that of Diego Maradona and he is cooler than Henry Winkler by a country mile.
Hector, we salute you - many happy returns of the day to a very British cat!

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