Monday, October 3

Off the menu?

We are looking in depth soon at Ruth Kelly's announcement at the Labour Party conference last week, concerning radical changes to the school meals system.
Is there any substance in the plan, the details of which were published today, or is it another quick fix, a spin in a tea-cup (or on a dinner plate!), designed to cover-up the fact that in this country, the food supplied to convicted prisoners is of far better quality than that which we feed our school children?
Our investigations will reveal what the 'changes' really mean, later this week. In the mean time, something to chew over. Is the party conference platform the correct place to announce details of government policy? Is not Parliament the proper place ?

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Anonymous said...

As a mum of school age children, I can confirm that the meals served in our school are definitely sub-standard and moreover, the standards have got progressively worse over the time Labour has been in power.
To quote a famous song "I believe that children are our future" - why are we feeding them government approved rubbish?