Monday, October 3

Millburn to challenge Brown

According to Patrick Hennessy the Political Editor of The Sunday Telegraph Alan Millburn the former Secretary of State for Health is set to challenge Gordon Brown as the next leader of the Labour Party.
Left, Alan Millburn
News of the Darlington MP's second comeback ( he was head of strategy at Labour's last election campaign) came at the end of a bruising conference week.
Mr Millburn is shortly, reports Hennessy, to step up his role as a Blairite ''outrider'' over the next few months, promoting policies on reforming the public sector - Blair's main aim for his remaining time in office.
Many Labour MPs will be alarmed at the prospect of a divisive election campaign. I strongly suspect the astute and detailled Chris Lloyd, the political hack from the Northern Echo will be hot on the 'phone to Mr Millburn later today. Indeed !

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