Wednesday, October 5

How European Are You?

Just for fun - because the results this brings back are laughable!


Peter Troy said...

I answered the questions honestly, honestly ! Look what the result was:

According to the answers you gave tonight to the Euro test you fall into the following category:

Mr & Mrs Chiantishire

This group are Euro enthusiasts; they like all things European from going on holiday to sun dried tomatoes and good red wine.

Perhaps they mean Europe enthusiasts rather than 'Euro' ?

Sarah-Jane Hollands said...

I answered honestly too and got exactly the same result!!

I don't even LIKE sun-dried tomatoes, far less the Euro!!

Linda Restarick said...

Well according to the quiz I am a Mrs. Little Islander and I'm proud of it. Didn't need to take the quiz to tell you that.

Kelly said...

I really did answer these questions as honestly as possible and well, it also said I was in the same category as Mr & Mrs Chiantishire. I don't like the EU and while I do enjoy the Euro as I don't have to take several different types of currency when travelling over to Europe, I think that most of the EU countries were better off economically BEFORE the EU. Still don't understand my category lol.