Monday, October 31

Royal relevance

Tomorrow, HRH Prince Charles embarks on his first official overseas tour with his consort, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.
The eight day tour of the United States of America will include lunch and dinner at the Whitehouse as guests of President Bush.
In preparation for the tour, Prince Charles has given a lengthy television interview with one of the major US networks, in which he talks about his efforts to remain relevant and worries that he may only be truly appreciated after his death. Well most positive contributors to British history only receive recognition after their death, it is a very British tradition !
Sadly, Prince Charles is much maligned, both in the UK and overseas, in some ways he was very much a victim of what we on this blog refer to as Dianaisation - a public display of excessive and misplaced sentimentality. Most of HRH's very good work goes unnoticed by the British media who seem determined to picture him as an introspective loner, who talks to trees, dislikes anything modern and requires staff to furnish his toothbrush with paste on a daily basis. Not that there is anything odd about the latter two points, what !
Much has been made of the fact that Charles and Camilla are taking a large number of staff with them on the forthcoming trip. These days anyone in the public eye has aides - compare the requirements of the Royal couple with any of the moronic (many) rock "stars" or the expanding band of sports primadonnas on tour and it will become apparent that in actual fact, the Royal "rider" is slight and excellent value to the British tax payer, particularly as for the most part, Prince Charles is funding the trip from his private income.
In truth, Charles is very much the champion of the under-privileged, concerned about the environment, a modest man who like his father, isn't afraid to speak his mind (with a very dry British sense of humour) and has a range of specialist private advisors, who are not the same as those advising Her Majesty's Ministers (thanks be to God) . On a family note, lest we forget that Prince Charles has been a single parent for some years now and his boys are turning into fine young Princes.
It is hoped that the US tour is viewed as a success; if more folk realised the extent of the good work done by The Prince's Trust, perhaps Prince Charles would be held in the high regard he so richly deserves, and thus encourage more US tourists to visit our green and very pleasant land.


Rauf said...

is it true that prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall are leaning toward Islam ? I just wonder that a man of such knowledge and stature should lean towards any faith in the first place
Religion has only succeeded in smearing this planet with blood
Christianity Islam or any 'ism'

Peter Troy said...

No it is not true.

HRH is on record as wishing when he is one day crowned King to be affermed as ''protector of faith '' rater than the faith.

Prince Charles has made maney comments on spiritual matters in recent years.

Wars are a failure of Politics - religion (as distinct from belief in a god)is politics though few call it so.

Kelly said...

Religion has been blamed for a lot of things, but I feel it is the failure of politics and the people in volved who use religion to explain or excuse their behavior. AS the the Prince and his consort's trip to the US, I agree with the editor that he is very much undervalued and the trust that he has set up does a lot of good things. I am sorry to hear that there is a running joke being passed that some of the public meeting the Prince and his consort are shaking his hand and delivering sugar cubes for his horse. (Ahem) I hope that they have a good trip. HRH's interview was very well done. I am glad to see that all of his actions are not dictated by others.

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