Sunday, October 16

The Sunday Quote - 131

The Sunday Quote (the original and still the best) :
"Next friday is the 200th anniversary of Nelson's great victory at Trafalgar, which saved us from invasion and domination by Napoleon. To celebrate, beacons will be lit and countless families will give dinner parties with traditional British food. The initiative has been taken by private individuals across the country - not by a government that hates our history. We should all join this great occasion without any inhibitions - not merely to salute one of England's greatest heroes, but because it will enormously annoy New Labour."
Simon Heffer, writing in yesterday's Daily Mail.


Roger Helmer said...

I will be celebrating Trafalgar Day by addressing a Conservative constituency dinner in the London area. I shall talk about Trafalgar, Waterloo, Agincourt, the Armada, and the Battle of Britain. And I shall talk about the new threat to our independence posed not by high explosive and cold steel, but by false promises and mendacious treaties.

The new threat is less violent, but more insidious. Like our forebears, it falls to us in our time to fight for our country.


Peter Troy said...


Thank you for gracing my blog with your comment.

I trust that your audience will be sufficiently inspired by your address to influence at least one of the Tory party leadership candidates to commit themselves to a robust stance on the UK's future out with the EU.

Best wishes


Sarah-Jane Hollands said...

Your dinner promises to be a fascinating event.

As you rightly suggest, we need to remember the historical value of such events as Trafalgar and Waterloo, but as Peter is suggesting, we also need to look forward to the forthcoming battles of Brussels and equip ourselves adequately to fight for our freedom from the tyrannical clutches of the EU.