Friday, October 21

Red against blue

By Sarah-Jane Hollands, football correspondant.

From an unexpected source - a football fans' forum - come some interesting and amusing thoughts on Trafalgar 200.
to view the thoughts of the Crystal Palace fans on one of Britain's finest victories and if you feel like having a laugh at the absurdities of political correctness.
For the uninitiated, Crystal Palace play in red and blue shirts!


Anti corporate Sportsperson said...

Play what in red and blue shirts ?

Sarah-Jane Hollands said...

The clue was in the reporting description - football correspondant!
Crystal Palace play football, ANTI CORPORATE SPORTS PERSON - the beautiful game - try it, you never know, you might actually enjoy it!!!
May I suggest M'boro V Palace in the cup next month......interesting on many levels!

Sarah-Jane, football correspondant.

CSP said...

Is that Buckingham Palace - I thought they were Polo and shoting fans !