Sunday, October 16

Integrated defence (in secret)

Dr Richard North writes in The Business today about how the government's "Europe first" policy is undermining Britain's defences and comments that the British Government's covert defence policy is wasting £14 billion ($25 billion).
That is a sum which could be spent building a new hospital in any major British city, with enough left over to maintain the said hospital for around twenty years.
Dr North's paper, published last week by the Centre for Policy Studies on European defence integration called "The Wrong Side of the Hill: the secret realignment of UK Defence Policy with the EU" was commented on by Defence Secretary, Rt. Hon. Dr John Reid MP, at a press meeting of EU Defence ministers.
As can be read from the link, the detrimental significance of the Government's preference for EU over US equipment on the effectivness of our Armed Forces can not be overstated. The full paper can (and must) be downloaded from here.


Anonymous said...

Further insult to injury is that
Defence personnel are alleged to have stolen millions of pounds by paying expenses and wages to hundreds of "ghost soldiers", it has emerged.

The Ministry of Defence is investigating the scam in which at
with at least £2.5 million was reportedly siphoned off.

The Mail on Sunday said the probe centred on the army's Adjutant General's Office in Britain which handles pay and expenses for tens of thousands of personnel!!!

A disgrace.

Kelly said...

Well, what can be said. The military as just as able to be conned and scammed as anyone else. The same happens on this side of the pond also. After all, it wasn't that long ago that it was found out a toilet cost the military here about $3,000 or a hammer cost about $500.