Sunday, October 9

A very British (London) hotel

This week we recommend you take a look here :
This is a friendly, welcoming hotel, situated close to Victoria Station in Central London and next to Winston Churchill's former London residence (1909 - 1913).
Pictured are proprieters, Deepesh and C.R. Patel, who looked after me admirably during my recent foray to the Capital for the annual UK Independance Party conference.
The generous full english breakfast (of course) served by Fatima provides the ideal sustenance with which to digest Sunday's essential reading, the Booker Column. Added to which, they have excellent internet facilities, without whose co-operation, none of sunday's postings would have been possible until much later.
If you want an affordable, clean, friendly hotel , this one comes with a verybritishsubjects recommendation!

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Kelly said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I shall inform my fellow travellers. Sounds just right!