Monday, October 3

Pick a (ID) Card

The British Government's promise that ID cards will be a 'voluntary' scheme have been exposed by the NO2ID campaign as a sham since Ministers have already decided to make the cards compulsory five years after their introduction in 2008.

Thirty five of Britain's largest firms, including the Post Office, BP, British Airways and Tesco are holding regular talks with the Government on how to integrate the new ID cards with job applications. Employers, it is now planned, will be given access to the Governments new ID database containing sensitive information on everyone in the UK.

The files would then be used to check up on potential employees and would clearly result in preference being given to workers 'in the system'.

Official government figures show that more than £20 million has been spent on studies and consolation exercises to pave the way even though the legislation to establish the cards has not been approved by Parliament.

The true engine room of the British economy the nation's three and a half million small businesses, appear not to have been involved in the government's consultation plans.
Colin Stratton (below) FSB North East Regional Chairman, who has proposed that the government's ID cards should be supported by small businesses and the Federation.
We are not aware that the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has been invited to participate (and collaberating in consultation is what the FSB does well). Perhaps the view being that if the large corporate employers play ball with the plans, the smaller employers will follow like the proverbial lambs.

Andy Burham MP
The government minister in charge of Labour's Orwellian scheme, the young Andy Burnham was refused entry to the Labour Party Conference last week because he had forgotten his conference ID. The minister with all the arrogance of New Labour remonstrated to an armed Police Officer on duty at the entrance ''Let me in, I'm a Home Office Minister.'' The Officer replied: ''Yes Minister, you will understand." By all accounts Mr Burnham did not.

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