Saturday, December 31

Disapproval for 2006

By Sarah-Jane Hollands, Poetry Correspondent
I thought long and hard about my New Year's message. 2005 has for me, been a year of personal growth and change, but I don't want to dwell too much on what has gone. I would prefer to concentrate on the year ahead - a blank page with many possibilities.
Anyone who knows me, will be aware of my love of words, so I thought it apt to choose a poem for my New Year posting.
This, by Sophie Hannah, is one of my particular favourites and the message is simple - one shouldn't be concerned with the regard one is held in by others.
My mantra is "those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind"
A happy, healthy, provocative very British new year to you all!
If People Disapprove of You.
Make being disapproved of your hobby.
Make being disapproved of your aim.
Devise new ways of scoring points
In the being disapproved of game.
Let them disapprove in their dozens.
Let them disapprove in their hordes.
You'll find that being disapproved of
Builds character, brings rewards.
Just like any form of striving.
Don't be arrogant; don't coast.
On your high disapproval rating.
Try to be disapproved of the most.
At this point, if it's useful,
Draw a pie-chart or a graph.
Show it to someone who disapproves.
When they disapprove, just laugh.
Count the emotions you provoke.
Anger, suspicion, shock.
One point for each of those and two
For every boat you rock.
Feel yourself warming to your task -
You do it bloody well.
At last, you've found an area
In which you can excel.
Savour the thrill of risk without
The fear of being caught.
Whether they sulk or scream or pout,
Enjoy your new-found sport.
Meanwhile all those who disapprove
While you are having fun
Won't even know your game exists
So tell yourself you've won.

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Kelly said...

Excellent! and one that I apparently lived by without even knowing it. LOL